Ouray, Colorado

Upon arriving in town, the Wright Opera House appears on the left side of the street.

A view from the sidewalk looking over to the Beaumont Hotel.

The BPOE Building in Downtown Ouray.

Looking north.

The Beaumont Hotel.
Completed on 15 December 1886 at a cost of $75,000.

The Beaumont was one of the first hotels in the country to be wired for alternating current electricity. It boasted guests such as Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover.


The Beaumont Hotel was the focal point of the July 4th parade.

This photo taken on July 4th, 2012.

Looking north on the parade route.

Looking south on the parade route.

Let the parade begin.

Ouray Fire Department
Another fire truck followed by some classic automobiles.



 A couple had their wedding in the mountains so they dressed up and entered the parade.

Fedel Family Floats
Ouray Alchemist

Ouray County Republicans.



Old fire truck


Fishing and rafting guide

Park Ranger

More people showing up.

Some onlookers with a nice, window view.

Parade resumes...

Camel in Ouray?
Decorated jeeps



More classic autos


Fire Sprinkler Company
Ouray County Democrats

Another Ouray Fire Department fire truck




W.I.S.E. - Women In Support of Education



A jeep representing the Ouray County Museum.


Mountain Search and Rescue





Solar-powered car project

One of the many tour groups in Ouray






A recently married couple.

A group that holds local ghost tours.


Ouray Fire Department - Small vehicle used to reaching hard-to-reach fires on the mountainside.


Ouray Police

That's the end of the July 4th parade in Ouray.

Now onto the water fights.



Somehow this tradition got started a long time ago.  Apparently you have two pairs of individuals trying to knock down the other pair.

After enjoying the July 4th festivities in Ouray, I stopped by and visited with two new friends that I initially met on their radio show.  Eric and Ethan gave me a tour of the studio and Eric even interviewed me live on-air.  It was great to see the people behind the voices and to meet with them in person.

I have been listening to the station online through their website and through Tune-In Radio.  I listen at home and at work.  On this trip, I was able to listen to them on the car radio.

After I left Ouray, I was able to pickup their station intermittently as I drive into Gunnison National Park. 

Matter of fact, I have them on right now.



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Ouray, Colorado




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