Telluride, Colorado

The First National Bank building of Telluride.

Now the building houses a store.


Looking down main street you may see a painter in the middle of the street recording the view.



Definitely a bicycle town.


Looking east

Looking west

Walking toward the gondola station in Telluride.

Arriving at the top of the mountain using the gondola.
Once at the top, you can see where the other two gondolas can take you and also see the biking trails available.


Telluride from above
This is the view into Telluride about half the way down the gondola ride.

Inside the gondola station in Telluride.
The gondolas are quite versatile.  This unit can hold four sets of skis and appears to be a passenger vehicle.

There are different types of gondolas available.  There are some that are pet-friendly, wheel-chair friendly and bicycle-friendly.


An interesting bank building that is now a antiques shop.


Looking east.

Driving west to exit town and head for Ouray.



  Telluride Gondola  

One video review is available


Telluride, Colorado




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