In late November and early December of 2017, I fulfilled my desire to sail the Danube River.  While the waiting was painful, all of the planning paid off to fully enjoy a great adventure.

I thoroughly enjoyed cruising with Viking Cruise Lines.  The accomodations, food, service and hospitality were excellent.  What amazed me about this trip over all of the sights and adventures, was the great friendships made on this cruise.  I was really surprised how easily it was to meet and make new friends.  I believe the capacity of the ship held 170 people.  As a traveling single nomad, I never dined alone on this cruise.  Meeting new people and enjoying our new experiences together was a very thrilling component of the entire cruise experience.

I flew into Budapest, Hungary two days before my Danube River Cruise to get time-adjusted but to also explore more of Budapest than what was scheduled.  When planning my trip, I felt I needed to see more of Budapest and I am glad I spent the extra time exploring this lovely city.

Once aboard the longboat, Viking Gullvieg, I was able to leave the driving to someone else.  I saw more of Budapest with their excellent guides.  We then cruised the Danube towards Vienna and Krems, Austria; Passau, Regensburg and Nuremberg, Germany.

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  Danube River Cruise:  Hungary - Part 1 of 3      
  Danube River Cruise:  Austria - Part 2 of 3      
  Danube River Cruise:  Germany - Part 3 of 3      
  My Favorite Lock on the Danube River      
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