The Upper Dells tour boat brought us back to shore.  I got a ride on a trolley to get to the landing for the Lower Dells tour.

Here is a view of the dam that separates the Upper and Lower Dells.


Here is a view of the pump house.

The Lower Dells had more beach since the water level was much lower than the Upper Dells.

More dells appeared as we made our way down the river.





There are different dells tours.  I was on a two-level tour boat.  To the left in this picture is a amphibious vehicle called a duck.






Here is a neat dell with a house on top.

The front group of dells appeared as an island.
A close-up view of a dell.  
A nice house on a dell.
The dell island in front of the house on a dell.  
Another dell island.
On the other side of the dell island, people are getting out of their canoes for a closer look.  
There is a cave in the middle of the dell island that goes through to the other side.  
Going around the dell island.  
Going back by the house on the dell and its dell island.
A nice day in the country.  


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