After visiting the big city of Chicago, I drove out in the Wisconsin country and saw the Wisconsin Dells.


The Wisconsin Dells are shown in two tours.  There is the Upper Dells and the Lower Dells.

Dells are flat rocks that stack up on each other and erode due to wind, rain and river.

I sat on the top of the tour boat.  A hat and pair of sunglasses are advised.

I started on the Upper Dells first.  With the water being higher, there wasn't much beach to see.

Very interesting and beautiful rock formations on the left and right.









On the Upper Dells tour, we got off the boat and walked a trail through the Dells to a rest stop.  
Sorry for the blurriness.  
We returned to the tour boat and the blazing sun to see more of the Dells.  
We were able to get off the boat again to see Standing Rock and look around.
A natural ledge.  
Looking straight up at the natural ledge.

It looked almost man-made.

Glad it did not fall when I was under it.
A beach on the Upper Dells.

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