Water and ice, extreme temperatures, underground salt movement and time are responsible for the sculptured rock scenery of Arches National Park.  There are more than 2000 cataloged arches that range in size from the minimum-considered three-foot opening to the longest one, Landscape Arch, which measures 306 feet from base to base.

     The park lies atop an underground salt bed, which is basically responsible for the arches and spires, balanced rocks, sandstone fins and eroded monoliths that make the area a sightseer's mecca.

On the road up to the park, the views are quite spectacular.

The drive into Arches National Park continues to be spectacular.

Nice highway view on the way to Arches National Park.

The scenery inside Arches National Park is truly amazing.  Besides the arches, there are rocks of all different shapes and sizes lying about in different and unusual positions.

Nice cliff scenery.

As you come around the corner, you can see the formations "Three Gossips" on the left, "Tower of Babel" a little further right and "The Organ" to the extreme right.

An interesting rock formation.

This is known as the "Garden of Eden" area.

A nice view across the plains.

Here is a view of "Balanced Rock".

Here is a closer view of "Balanced Rock" from a better perspective.

Here is a picture of the North Window.

Here is a closer shot as I walk closer to the arch.

Here is an even closer picture as I walk closer to the arch.

As I turn around from taking the previous shot of the North Window, I can see the South Window.


As you climb up to the arch of the North Window, you can see the spectacular view.

This is a view of the North Window Arch from underneath the arch, looking west.

Here is the view looking west south west from the North Window Arch.

Here is a long shot of the "Delicate Arch".  I would have like to take the trail to see it a bit closer, but the park ranger advised against it since it was 106 degrees that day.

This is the walkway to the Fiery Furnace Viewpoint.

Here is a view looking at the Fiery Furnace and the Salt Valley in the background.

Another spectacular view across the plains.

Interesting rock formations.

I believe this is called Skyline Arch.

How is a closer view of Skyline Arch.

Coming up to Devil's Garden.

Entering Devil's Garden.

Continuing to enter Devil's Garden.

Devil's Garden continues ...





Leaving Devil's Garden.


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