Salt lake City, cultural and ecclesiastical as well as political capital of Utah, lies in a spectacular setting at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains with the Great Salt Lake visible to the northwest.
Here is a view of the Utah State Capitol Building.

This is a view looking out on the Great Salt Lake.

Here is a view of The Great Salt Lake Beach.  What looks like white sand is salt.  There is an extremely high quantity of salt in the water.  You can actually sit on the water and float.  The only saltier body of water is the Dead Sea.

Here is a view of the Saltair Dance Hall.  After it was built, the lake rose and flooded the first floor. This was a prime example of poor planning.  After the waters receded, the first floor of sand remained.  For a long time the building was abandoned.  I remember a National Geographic special on the Great Salt Lake and this strange building. 

Recently, someone has cleaned up the place.  I was hoping to find it in the state of disrepair, but it now is cleaned up and used for concerts.

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