On July 4th, 2005, I drove north to Medora, North Dakota.  This marked the end of my quest to see all 50 states in my lifetime.  Granted I did not see everything each state had to offer, but I do plan on returning to my favorite parts of the states or visiting new, unexplored territory.  I am happy to call myself one of the 12% of individuals that have seen all 50 states.

     Medora, North Dakota (population 100) is located just outside of Teddy Roosevelt National Park.  While it is a small city, I am glad I got to visit the town and sample the local buffalo steak.  They cooked up the buffalo rib eye, buffalo t-bone and buffalo sirloin.  I had the sirloin.  It was very tasty and lean, but not at all gamey.

     Theodore Roosevelt National Park comprises 70,448 acres and is composed of three parts:  North, South and Elkhorn.  I visited the South unit.  It was a very nice, relaxing drive in the country with the Badlands as a backdrop.

The park contained loads of prairie dogs.

Beautiful scenery made up of grassy plains, prairies and conical mountains.






























After visiting Medora, I visited Bismarck, North Dakota.  Dinner was spectacular as was the service.  I was amazed to find this season switch in my room.  I left it on Summer, I was afraid to alter the weather.


I drove into Jamestown to see their Buffalo Museum and see their prized white (albino) buffalo, White Cloud. 


Unfortunately, White Cloud must have been sleeping or just off the range.  I did not see her, but I did see some other buffaloes.



The museum was very well laid out.  The NBA takes care of the museum.  (NBA - National Buffalo Association)

 I also found out that they have the largest buffalo statue anywhere.  It weighs 60 tons.






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