Continuing on with my trip, I returned to South Dakota.  Before I visited the west part of the state.  This time I visited the eastern half.  I stayed the night in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, but took a side trip to Mitchell, South Dakota.  Mitchell is famous for their Corn Palace.  The building is covered in corn murals.
Started in 1892, the Corn Palace is re-fitted with new Corn Murals annually.

Here is the left side of the building where we will concentrate on one mural and zoom in.



You can see the individual corn cobs.





Inside the convention and guest center, you can see more works of corn art.







Once again, the dinner and service were excellent.  (I enjoyed the Filet Mignon.)  Each hotel I stayed in along the way was very nice.  At this hotel, I noticed a bunch of electrical outlets that I didn't see before.  Then I remembered a documentary on the harsh cold weather of the north.  I also noticed electrical cords protruding from the truck and car grills.  I was glad I was here in the Summer.




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