After driving the tree-covered scenic route through The Avenue of the Giants, I burst out into the sunshine as I approached the coastline.  Wow!  What a nice change of scenery.








What a nice place to live, unless you sleep walk.



Here is a view of Old Town Mendocino.


Here is a view looking out from Old Town Mendocino to the coast.
Here is an interesting beach with a cave.
Steps to get down to the beach.
A beach with Old Town Mendocino in the background.

A view of the caved-in roof of the water cave.

A view across to Old Town Mendocino.

A look out to the Pacific ocean.


I found these interesting chain links in the ground.  I am not sure if they are old or new.  They could be used to tie up bikes during a visit.  Who knows?






Here is a view of the front side of the cave.



Inspiration Point?






Here is a picture of an old wooden post that someone began carving on.

Here is another wooden post that someone carved on. 

It is an interesting piece of work.  I am not sure why there are loads of pennies inserted into the cracks.  Maybe for good luck?

Along with the pennies, there were little multicolored pebbles resting in the mouth of the wood beast.  Interesting.



Here is a view of houses next to Old Town Mendocino that overlook the coastline I just showed pictures of.


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