The drive from Lake Tahoe to Carson City was short, but it gave me time to visit Virginia City.

Here is a view out of my hotel room window in Carson City.



Getting to Virginia City was fun.  It is a good ways outside of Carson City.  Some of the roads have a 15% grade.

The downtown area of Virginia City was on one road.  The beginning and end of the road is where some of the people lived.  There are other streets below this main road, but all of the major activity is here.

The store fronts are many and different from each other.


This is an interesting view of a back street in Virginia City.  Centered in the background is a view of the Mackay Mansion.  To the right is a view of the back of a store with three decks.  The third level walks out into main street.

I thought this was an interesting foundation of a past building or a building that never came about.  The hillside is very steep, especially for buildings and walking/slipping.

Looking down main street of Virginia City.

Many long wooden plank sidewalks.









Here is an interesting sign I found on the way back to the car.




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