After a full day of hard driving through winding mountain roads and seeing acres of redwood trees, I was glad to reach my destination for the night.  After dinner, I watched the locals on the beach build a fire.








After leaving Crescent City, I drove through The Avenue of the Giants.  This road ran parallel to the main highway to Fort Bragg, but was more scenic.

As you can see, the roads were tree-lined and shaded most of the drive.








Some of the tree sit right next to the road.  This scenic route is full of majestic redwoods.






Looking up, you try to see how tall they are.  They are huge.  I think I need a bigger lens to get all of the tree in the picture.

Another view looking straight up.

Let the sun shine through.

Here is a view looking up a tree at the bark level.  The texture of the bark is very different than what I am used to seeing.






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