The roads from Sacramento to Lake Tahoe were fun to drive and the scenery was beautiful.  The first scene of Lake Tahoe appeared as I drove out of a mountain forest.  The lake looked a little larger than a postage stamp.  The view was spectacular.

When I arrived in South Lake Tahoe, I was eager to see the lake.  The first beach I saw was Reagan Beach.  There are many beaches around the lake and this is in no way representative of all of them.

The water is clear and supposedly one of the most cleanest lakes around.

It is beautiful to see snow-capped mountains next to a lake that people (some people) swim in.

This is a view looking west on Reagan Beach.


This is a view looking east on Reagan Beach.

This is a view looking north on Reagan Beach.

From what I recall, this lake is the third deepest lake in the world.  If you took all of the water in Lake Tahoe, and if California was flat, and placed the water over California, it would cover all of the state with a depth of 14 inches.  That sounded impressive.

Wildlife on Lake Tahoe.

Human life on Lake Tahoe

Here is a view of Reagan Beach West with a small sandy beach.

That water is cold.  Too cold for me.

Another view looking north on Lake Tahoe.

Another eastern view of Lake Tahoe.

A view from the park at Reagan Beach West, looking northeast.

And again from Reagan Beach West.


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