I flew into Sacramento International Airport after a lay-over in Phoenix.  I was trying to find my luggage.


Here is a view of the Sacramento skyline from the near middle of the Sacramento River.

A closer view of the Sacramento skyline.


 While in Sacramento, I visited Old Sacramento.  In 1839 the city of Sacramento was born.  They have done an excellent job maintaining and restoring the old buildings of Old Sacramento.  I should have taken some pictures, but I left without my camera as I walked on the wooden sidewalks of these old buildings. 

     While in Old Sacramento, I had dinner at The Firehouse.  I had a spectacular meal.  This is a restaurant that is normally beyond my usual fare.  The food was excellently prepared and tasted fantastic.  The service was top rate.  I had the roasted pork tenderloin.  Yum.


Down the street from my hotel, I found this strange looking building.   


This building looked like a museum of science but it is a water plant that sits in the Sacramento River.

Looking north up the Sacramento River.

Looking south down the Sacramento River.

I had to taste the fresh water from the water plant.  It tasted like water.  The water fountain had an interesting design where excess water would run off to water the flower bed.

As I was walking back to the hotel, I took this parting shot.

Across from the water plant, I saw an old building that looked interesting.

Above the door there was some engraving, "Pacific Gas and Electric Company".  It is an interesting, old, abandoned building.

Across from the old PG&E building, there was this interesting building tower in the Sacramento River.  Not sure what it was used for, but it caught my camera's eye.


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