I got an early start on my day and headed for Glacier National Park for another day of driving and sight-seeing on the Going to the Sun Road.



There is so much scenery to take photos of; beautiful rivers, streams, waterfalls, mountains and cliffs.





One of the easy-access snow piles.


Again today it was cloudy on and off.



It was amazing how bad visibility was at times, but after waiting a few minutes it would clear up enough to take some photos.


There are mountains behind those trees.


A mountain comes into view.


Local natives are out and about.


Clear skies have returned.


Since I made good time driving east through the park, I decided to see another east side entrance to Glacier National Park known as the Many Glacier entrance.

I also visted the Many Glacier Hotel.


I sat on the back porch to take these pictures.


The lobby of the Many Glacier Hotel.


Sure must be a nice place to be in the dead cold of winter.


Here is a glance down the hallways of the hotel to see how the rooms look.


Looking back on Many Glacier Hotel.


Driving back through the St. Mary's entrance of Glacier National Park heading west.

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