My first glance of Lake Louise.


Moving in for a better look.

Such a new view of Lake Louise with the glaciers behind it.


Canoe Rentals seem very popular.




A lot of people canoeing today.





A closeup of the Glaciers at Lake Louise.


Looking to the right, towards the shore in front of the large hotel.

The Fairmont, Chateau Lake Louise  

After viewing the lake from the main focal point, I decided to hike the trail alongside the lake.

The walk consumed nearly two hours each way.  The weather was cool and I felt energetic.  I kept walking.  
Looking back to the hotel.  
Looking toward the glaciers.  


Getting further from the hotel.  
A zoomed-in view from where I was standing in the last photograph.  
The beautiful scenery was around every corner.  I couldn't turn back just yet.  
Nearing the end of Lake Louise.  
Looking back.  
Almost hit a wall.    
I made it to the other end of Lake Louise where streams feed into the lake.    
Looking back at the Hotel.    
A close-up view of the silt.    
Time for some back-country hiking.    
Time to get balanced or get wet and walk across the rocky path.    
Looking back.  I hope the creek doesn't rise before I get back.    
Beautiful mountain territory.    
I can still see the hotel somewhat.    
Beautiful view from behind a mountain, looking toward the hotel.    

I found a nice stream to sit by and took a refreshing break.

I determined this was as far as I needed to go.  I still have two hours to get back to the car.  By then it will be dinner time.

A quick review with panoramic photos    

Here are some animated photos to give you a feeling of being there.

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