I was hoping to see some stars and possibly see the Milky Way since this area near Jasper has some great dark sky areas.  I asked the hotel manager about a good place where I could see the dark sky.  He recommended Pyramid Lake.  He specifically mentioned the island in Pyramid Lake that was accessible by a bridge.  After dinner, I checked out the recommendation.  The area is very pretty.





Unfortunately the night sky was too cloudy, but I decided to return the following day to check out the area further.


 The waters were a lot calmer than the night before.


Sign Reads...

Pyramid Island has been a popular spot for visitors and locals since the 1930s, when the first footbridge was built.


Walkway leading to the bridge to the island.



There are some famous mountains behind those trees but it was till too cloudy to see much.






Sign reads...

"This rustic shelter was built in 1933 by workers in a federal project during the Great Depression.  Since that time, the building has server generations of visitors and residents attracted to this scenic destination."


Another view of Pyramid Lake and Pyramid Mountain.


A view of Downtown Jasper.

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