For Dinner, I had a reservation waiting for me in the Calgary Tower.

I sat at a nice table by the window in the Sky 360 Restaurant.

The restaurant is one floor below the highest 360° observation deck in the world.

The observation deck is 1,228 meters (4,029 feet) above sea level.  The tower stands 191 meters (626 feet) off of the ground.

The restaurant revolves 360°during the course of your meal.

The view changes as well as the wall in the center.




Hey, that is where I came in.
















Time for the appetizer, Halibut Cheeks. 


Return to sightseeing.


Dinner has arrived, Wild Boar. 


Return to sightseeing. 

Back to where I started.     
Dessert has arrived, Peach Cheesecake with flavor dabs.     

After dinner, I walked up one floor to see the observation deck with the glass floor. 

Looking out at the city again, but one floor higher than at dinner time.     

Looking down from the Calgary Tower towards the street below. 

Probably ate too much dinner to stand on a pane of glass this high up.     
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