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In July 0f 2016, I built my trip around two criteria.  This vacation would be a driving vacation with no visits to airports.  I determined a good, long drive in my new car would be a great way to relax.

I decided I would take a trip with two major stops.  I wanted to visit Cumberland Mountain State Park near Crossville, Tennessee and also visit Richmond to learn about some Civil War history.

The drive was very enjoyable and relaxing.  It turned out to be my longest drive on vacation, except for a cross-country trip I made in 1985.  This trip ran for 2,568.9 miles.  I started in South Florida, drove to Valdosta, Georgia, then drove to Chattanooga, Tennessee, then drove to Cumberland Mountain State Park, then drove to Richmond, Virginia, then drove to Summerville, South Carolina, drove to see my folks near Orlando, Florida and then returned home in South Florida.

About a month before vacation, I leased a new 2016 Acura TLX.  I was planning on driving this vacation because I am so tired of the hassle of visiting airports.  I just wanted to get on the road and drive.

I also wanted to visit a vacation spot I went to 45 years ago on a family vacation.  We stayed in the cabins at Cumberland Mountain State Park near Crossville, Tennessee.

The reason I always wanted to go back, was to see the park in the Summer time.  On our previous visits in 1967 and 1971, we visited the park in the dead of Winter.  From what I remember, we were the only family in the entire park.  It was beautiful for a Floridian to be in a park with a fireplace, a frozen lake and snow outside.  It was beautiful, but I always wondered how the place was in the Summer time.

2016 TLX

Most people may not find this trip enjoyable, but to me it was a quest to satisify my curiosity I had for so many years.  I figured I would also visit Richmond, Virginia.  When I lived in Maryland for a few years, I would drive through Richmond to get home to Florida.  I never stopped to visit Richmond.  I decided I wanted to see Monument Avenue and visit some of Richmond's museums.

I planned to drive 2,210 miles.  With side-trips and travel around each visited area, I drove a  total of 2,568.9 miles.
  SE USA Map
The first day I decided to find a comfortable, half-way point.  I decided to drive to Valdosta, Georgia.  


It was a rainy afternoon when I stopped at the Okahumpka rest stop on the Florida Turnpike.  It is rare that I ever drive to the end of the Florida Turnpike so I decided to make a rest stop.    
To my joy, I found that they had Livewire Mountain Dew for sale at the rest stop.  Little things like finding a favorite drink you cannot find at home is one of my simple pleasures.  


When I wrrived in Valdosta, I really didn't plan on seeing much.  I decided to visit the Valdosta Mall.  It gave me a chance to walk around after sitting in the car all day.

I was surprised to see that the hotels no longer take any responsibility for parking on their premises.  The USER ASSUMES ALL RISK.  Apparently this was the same care offered by all of the hotels I stayed in.  
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