As soon as I got off of the plane at the Albuquerque International Sunport, I drove to the Petroglyphs National Monument west of the city.

I found numerous rock carvings that were drawn between 1300 and 1680 A.D.

When the "desert varnish" is scraped off, a lighter color presents itself.

It is estimated that over 25,000 petroglyphs exist within the park boundry.

This is the view looking out of the park toward a nearby neighborhood at ground level.  Ground cover is very light.


An asphalt walkway leads visitors by many petroglyphs.




Some petroglyphs are visible as you walk up the trail..


This sign is located at the top of the hill.  The elevation here is a mile above sea level.


This is the view at the top of the hill looking toward Albuquerque.  





Before dinner, I visited Sandia Peak via the Sandia Peak Tramway.

This is a view from the top of the peak looking down upon Albuquerque.

The tramway travels 2.7 miles each way.  There are two trams that are clamped to the cables.  There are two sets of cables for each tram.  When a tram reaches the top; the other reaches the bottom.  When they pass each other in flight; you are halfway up or down.

Supposedly, this is the world's longest tramway.  It travels over deep canyons and breathtaking terrain.

The red tram has reached the summit.

The tram descends.

... and descends...

...and descends...

... and descends ...

... and descends with Albuquerque in the background.

The information center at the peak has restrooms and lockers.  In the winter, skiers use the lockers and ski on the other side of the peak.  In the Summer, only sightseers are here.

In the Summer, the temperature is approximately 15 degrees cooler at the peak than at ground level.

Two large wheels turn for each of the trams.

On the backside of the peak, you can view a lesser populated view of the New Mexico countryside.
Another view of Albuquerque during the daylight hours.
After dinner at the High Finance restaurant at the top of Sandia Peak, I saw this view of Albuquerque at night.
Looking more west...
Here is a view of the restaurant as seen from the outside at night.
One more parting shot before heading back to Albuquerque for the night.


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  Sandia Peak Tramway  
  High Finance Restaurant  

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