On the 5th day of my trip, I drove straight to Carlsbad Caverns National Park in White's City, New Mexico.

As you walk up, you first see a viewing area that is available for bat viewing at night.

Further ahead you can see the cave opening.

Getting closer to the cave opening.

This is the natural entrance to Carlsbad Caverns.  Lots of birds fly in and out of the cave.  The bats are sleeping.

While walking into the cave, looking back I saw the opening and the blue sky.

From the bottom of the cave you can look back at whence you came.  You may be able to see the walkway.

This is the last natural light you will see till the end of the tour.








From above it is difficult to see the cave entrance.
The old visitors' center


  Carlsbad Caverns National Park  

One video review is available


Carlsbad Caverns



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