On my 6th day of travel, I headed straight for lunch at TuneUp Cafe in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I saw a special about the restaurant on the Food Network and had to go there.

For lunch I ordered the Pupusa.  For dinner I ordered the Chili Relleno.  Both dishes were excellent as was the service.


At the TuneUp Cafe, you can eat inside or outside.  Plenty of parking is available on-site or across the street.

I actually found a tumbleweed that wasn't a tumbleweed yet.  The lighter green plant will turn into a tumbleweed someday.

Another tumbleweed in the making.

While in Santa Fe, I visited The Loretto Chapel to see the Miraculous Staircase.

The story goes that the sisters of the church prayed for a stairway to the second floor where the choir sings.  After the prayer they heard a knock at the door.  The man at the door said he was there to build a stairway.  He built a stairway that resembles the old pictured on the right.  There is no central support.  Also there was no glue or nails used.  The story is interesting whether you believe it or not, but the staircase is a modern engineering marvel.


Later banisters were added.  Can you imagine climbing that staircase without the banisters?

Here is a view looking forward to the pulpit.  The staircase is on the right (out of picture).

The staircase was requested because as a girls school, the sisters thought it would be safer and more ladylike for the girls to use a staircase instead of using ropes and ladders to get to the choir loft.

A closer view of the staircase and banisters.



The entrance to the Loretto Chapel.
The front of the Loretto Chapel.


To the right is an arts and craft show next to the Loretto Chapel.  Down the street is a large hotel made to look like a pueblo.
A pretty doorway.
Behind the trees of the central plaza is the Palace of Governors. 
Palace of Governors

War memorial in center of the plaza.


Someone edited the sign by cutting out the word, "savage".

Close-up of edit.
They don't want to offend anybody.  PC at its best.  Get over it.
Near the memorial looking across the plaza.





A lovely church with a wedding underway near the plaza in Santa Fe.



  Tune-Up Cafe  
  The Loretto Chapel  



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Santa Fe




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