On the 7th day of my trip, I visited Taos and stopped by the visitors' center to get some help on what to see.

Out front of the visitors' center they had a solar panel tree.  Neat looking.  Never found out if it actually powers anything.

My first stop in Taos was at the Taos Pueblos.

Lots of pueblos.  This pueblo was near the graveyard.


Back of the local church.



Front of the local church.






An outdoor oven.
A river runs through the village with pueblos on each side.








This is a picture of a church in ruins.  The bell tower is the only item left standing.

This is the graveyard at the Taos Pueblos village.




I took this picture because it shows the inner construction of a  pueblo. 

The bricks are made of stray and hard dirt that has a clay consistency.  The bricks are stacked and it appears that a layer of heavy plaster is used, made with a different kind of mud.  Then the wall is plastered with a fine mud layer.

  2 videos are available

Taos Pueblos



Taos Pueblos - 360 degrees




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