Before leaving Taos and heading back to Albuquerque, I decided to see the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.





A different sort of cactus I haven't seen anywhere else on the trip.

Further down the Rio Grande.


On my drive back to Albuquerque, I visited Los Alamos and the Bradbury Science Museum.
The displays were diverse but I visited the technological areas.

On display they compared a CRAY-1 to that of a Sun SPARC 10.  Apparently, both have the same computing power with vast differences in physical structure and costs.

Amazing cooling system...

Comparison between a CRAY-1 Supercomputer and a Sun SPARC 10.

Same computing power, but vastly different technology.

Sun SPARC 10

One of the first desk calculators.
Slide Rule on display.  I was too young to use a slide rule.  My Dad has a slide rule.

I started out with a Texas Instrument TI-30.

Never saw one of these before.
CPUs changed quickly
A closer look at a CRAY-1 circuit card.

The future; Parallel Processing.
I remember seeing these fly around Iraq, on TV news of course.
(Box pictured below)
Exact replicas of Fat Man (aft) and Little Boy (foreward).

Little Boy

Fat Man

Los Alamos used to be a super-secret city that only authorized personnel could gain access.  Today it is open to all.

Guard towers still stand at the edge of the city as a memorial of sorts.



  Bradbury Science Museum  

One video review is available


Rio Grande Gorge Bridge


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