In May of 1998, I took a trip north to Alaska.  It was a fantastic voyage.  Everyone should make the trip at least once in their lifetime.  The following is a collection of pictures I took along the way.  (If a picture does not load, please press the refresh key.)
     Our trip began in the early morning.  We flew out of Ft. Lauderdale International Airport in the early morning.  After a day of flying and a three-hour bus ride to Vancouver from Seattle, we were ready to begin our adventure.

     We boarded our cruise ship, The MS Jubilee, in Vancouver, British Columbia.  We cruised north to Alaska for seven days.  The scenery was truly fantastic.  We made stops in Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Sitka, and Seward.  Along the way, we saw icebergs, snow-capped mountains, porpoises, whales, mountain goats and sea lions.  On most of the trip, we saw a landscape untouched by man.  It was a beautiful sight.  While the city scenery was clean and beautiful, the untouched landscape was much more spectacular. 

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     The picture to the right is looking from the front of the ship to the back of the ship from above the bridge.  This picture was taken after we left Vancouver, British Columbia.  All lifeboats stand at the ready. starta2t.gif (67512 bytes)
     Our first stop was Ketchikan, Alaska.  This is a picture showing the north end of the town. ketch03t.gif (60915 bytes)
Here is a picture looking east into Ketchikan. ketch04t.gif (62197 bytes)
     Here is a view looking down into Ketchikan and the port from a hilltop hotel and restaurant. hilltopt.gif (67083 bytes)
     Here is a view looking down Ketchikan's historic Creek Street.  Prior to 1952, these houses served as brothels.  Today they are cute little shops. creek02t.gif (69137 bytes)
     This may be the best picture in the bunch.   While it is impossible to catch the entire beauty of Alaska and the Inside Passage, this picture did its best.  This picture was taken after leaving Ketchikan, enroute to Juneau.  Icebergs were starting to appear in the water. 2junea1t.gif (54601 bytes)
     While the icebergs were starting to appear bigger and more frequent, we noticed that they appeared in colors ranging from white to to white-blue to all blue. dark01t.gif (65100 bytes)
     This iceberg was the bluest I have ever seen.   It appeared as a gem in the water.  It was quite pretty.  Apparently, icebergs from the bottom of an ice formation are darker blue than what appears on the top of the ice formation.  This blue color is a result of the oxygen being pressed out of the bottom formation due to the tremendous weight of the top formation. dark03t.gif (64913 bytes)
     Here is the view as we are arriving at the Endicott Glacier. endic1t.gif (49019 bytes)
     A closer view of the Endicott Glacier. endic2t.gif (63062 bytes)
     An even closer view of the Endicott Glacier. endic3t.gif (81763 bytes)
     Our second stop was Juneau, Alaska.  Here is a view into the northeast end of town. junea1t.gif (65382 bytes)
This is a picture of the Mendenhall Glacier. menden1t.gif (60723 bytes)
     Our third stop was Skagway, Alaska.  Here is a view into town from the port. skagwy2t.gif (60798 bytes)
     Here is a view of downtown Skagway looking west toward the snow-capped mountains. skagtnt.gif (62721 bytes)
     This is a mountain-side view of Skagway and the port.  There is our ship, at the base of the mountain. shipvu1t.gif (66243 bytes)
     Here is a view of our ship in Skagway's port. skagptt.gif (59068 bytes)
     The scenery in Alaska is quite breathtaking.   Here is a view looking north as we leave Skagway and head for Sitka.  While this is actually a color photo, some of the beautiful scenes appear as black and white. lvskag1t.gif (65530 bytes)
     Here is a view of our ship in the port at Sitka.   We tendered into shore and visited the town.  The day was rainy and foggy.   It was the only bad-weather day we encountered during our trip.  I didn't take any other pictures of Sitka.  I just shopped and dodged the rain. sitkaptt.gif (62066 bytes)
     As we left Sitka and sailed toward Seward, we noticed that the snow covered more of the mountains. 2sewrd2t.gif (68550 bytes)
     Here is a view of a couple of glaciers in the College Fjords.  The glaciers were named after popular colleges. cfjord3t.gif (58818 bytes)
     Here is a view of a house-sized iceberg with a glacier in the background. cfjord5t.gif (63208 bytes)
     Here is a view from the bow of the ship looking aft along the starboard side.  As the ship pushes the ice aside you can hear it cracking.  It sounded like dinner plates breaking. cfjord6t.gif (73481 bytes)
     Here is a view of the Columbia Glacier. cfjord7t.gif (63684 bytes)
     Here is a view of another one of the   College Glaciers. cfjord8t.gif (68253 bytes)
     Here is a view of Seward from our ship. sewardt.gif (65421 bytes)
     Ahhhh.  The end of a seven-day cruise.   Here is a look back from the aft of our ship. endt.gif (60616 bytes)
Ship Life
     My parents and I had the pleasure of dining with the Gee family, pictured to the right.  While eating great meals, we learned about each other and about the day's events.  We had a great view of Alaska out of our starboard window.  We saw fabulous scenery and interesting wildlife. tbl204t.gif (55390 bytes)
     Home away from home.  Here is a view of my cabin on the Empress deck. empresst.gif (53562 bytes)
     On the ship, this card is a necessity.   Everything onboard is paid with this card.  Cash is only accepted in the casino. sscardt.gif (25217 bytes)
     The accommodations were very good as was the service.  All of the crew made you feel at home.  Every night before going to bed, you would find a bit of chocolate and a towel creature for your amusement.  I thought the other creatures were cute, but I had to take a picture of this one. surprist.gif (58042 bytes)
     After leaving the ship, we headed for Anchorage, Alaska.  After the three-hour bus ride from Seward, we were ready to get out, stretch and see the sites around town.  We relaxed in Anchorage for two days before returning home to South Florida.  We enjoyed our trip.


(Click on the picture to the right to see a current view of Anchorage, Alaska.   There is a four-hour time difference from East Coast USA.)


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