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     I was surprised to hear that many people haven't eaten a banana sandwich.  Usually they look at me weird when I ask them if they had.   They are missing out.  I figured I should get the word out through my webpage.
How to make a banana sandwich

Step 1.

Assemble all needed components

You will need a banana, two slices of soft white bread (preferably White Mountain), mayonnaise, a knife and a couple of napkins.

Step 2.

Spread the mayo

Spread on the mayonnaise lightly to medium.  (You don't want banana pieces flying every which way when you bite into the sandwich.)

Step 3.

Slice the banana and arrange on bread

Slice the banana and arrange components as shown above.

Step 4.

Cover sandwich with top slice of bread

Position top slice in place and enjoy with a cold glass of milk.
Another angle

Side view and close-up
  I originally thought that this was a very unusual sandwich.  I was surprised to see that there are many references to Banana Sandwich on Google.



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