The Chicago Fireworks are best seen from the Navy Pier.

Chicago holds their fireworks on July 3rd.

From what I was told, Chicago holds their fireworks on the 3rd so local communities can shot their fireworks off on the 4th.

The walk from the hotel to the Navy Pier is less than 1/2 mile from the hotel.  There is so much to see and you really don't realize all of the walking you do.

Walking, cabs and trolleys seem to be the easiest methods of transportation.

Driving around the city is not bad at all; it's the parking that can be a challenge.

Here is a view of a fountain in front of the Navy Pier.  Seems that wherever you can find a fountain, you can find a kid in a swimsuit cooling off.


Navy Pier used to be a place for U.S. Navy sailors to board their ships.  Now it is used by everyone else.

The interior has been converted to a shopping, convention and entertainment center.

Some of these inside shots are a bit fuzzy.  This shows a greenhouse-like structure.

Here is a view looking back.

It's too bad these pictures did not come out too well.

This is the view inside the greenhouse-like structure.  I believe these were the only palm trees I saw in Chicago. 

This must really be a nice place to be in the Winter time.

Again, sorry for the blurriness. 

These jets of water looked like glass or Plexiglas rods; a nice decoration inside this winter oasis.

Here is a view looking out through the glass garage door in the greenhouse-like building into the amusement park.

They have a nice amusement park on Navy Pier.

The Ferris wheel is big and the lights are pretty.

I cannot remember the name of the ride pictured in the center of this photo but it was fun to watch.
Fun to look at, but you cannot get me to go on it.  
Looking back at the greenhouse-like structure.  
Looking up at the Ferris wheel.
Looking at people flying with the John Hancock Building in the background.

Normally the lights on the John Hancock Building are white.  Around July 4th they are red, white and blue.
Lovely dusk view of the Chicago skyline from the Navy Pier.

People are gathering for the Chicago fireworks.
Another nice view of the Chicago skyline from Dock Street on Navy Pier.  
Looking toward Lake Michigan on Dock Street.

There are shops, restaurants, nightclubs, theaters and a convention center on the pier.
One of the bars on Dock Street on Navy Pier.
Walking my way Dock Street.
There are also numerous boat rides that you can take from this pier.

The Architectural Boat Tour is highly recommended.
Another view of the night skyline.
Looking at the back end of Navy Pier.
They have live entertainment at the Beer Garden.  
Looking out into Lake Michigan just before sunset with the lighthouse in the background.  

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