Here is the entrance to Navy Pier through the Dock Street gates.



The crowd is starting to pick up.



People are finding a spot to watch the fireworks.


Looking due south from my vantage point.  


Seems you can always find a rail to lean against at Navy Pier.


If you don't want to stand and lean against the rail, you can usually find somewhere to sit.


The music from the Chicago Philharmonics starts up...


... and the fireworks begin.  
My pictures cannot do justice to these fine fireworks.

The fireworks with the city in the background is beautiful.
Guess these photos will have to do till you see the fireworks in person.  
The Chicago fireworks on July 3rd are spectacular.  I have enjoyed them twice now over a seven-year period.

The walk back to the hotel through the city was fun, too.  Loads of people walked back to their hotel or home.

Chicago is a very safe, clean city.  I enjoyed my evening walk. 

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