On July 4th, I went back to Navy Pier and saw the local, Navy Pier fireworks. 

This is a view at the very back of the Navy Pier looking west into the city.

This is the convention center at the end of Navy Pier.

On this night, I was able to find a seat on a bench up against the rail.  It was a beautiful night as I looked toward the city.


The view of the bench from my vantage point.


And the fireworks begin...

A local mentioned that usually they only have one set of fireworks going off with one being a backup.  Tonight both was shooting fireworks into the night sky.


Pretty decent fireworks


The fireworks were pretty good, but only lasted 10 minutes.

The fireworks the night before were much better and lasted 30 minutes.

Some people did not know that the big fireworks happen on the 3rd.

After the fireworks were over, you could see a cloud of smoke pass through the city.  It was pretty.

Once again I walked the city streets to get back to my hotel with thousands of other people late at night.  It was fun, in a group sort of way.  I cannot think of any other downtown I felt this safe at such a late hour.


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