Here is the north entrance to The Taste of Chicago.  Also known as "The Taste".

The Taste of Chicago is a great place to sample various restaurant offerings in the Chicagoland area.  There are also rides and other forms of amusement available.

There are many angles to view the Taste of Chicago. 

Here is a view looking north.

Here is a view in the same spot looking west toward the Sears Tower. 


Besides the food and amusements, there is entertainment.  Some shows available for the kids and some for everybody.

Looking north toward the Aon Center Building, you can see loads of tents offering their tastes of Chicago.

Entrance is free.  Tickets are bought to trade for food and drink.

A lot of people attend the Taste of Chicago.

I visited the Taste of Chicago on two days back-to-back.  I skipped breakfast so I can eat as much Chicago-style food as possible.

There are so many different types of food.  Each tent represents what a restaurant has to offer.  Items are traded for tickets.  The rate at the time was 11 tickets for $7.

The food I ate was very tasty.  The Taste of Chicago had a fantastic background.

I ate a lot on the both days I was there.


They have something for everyone.  
The Taste of Chicago runs along Columbus Drive and spills into Grant Park.  
Onward to Buckingham Fountain.

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