I traveled to Washington, DC many times.  I was lucky to live near this activity hub of the free world for over five years.  It is quite an exciting place.  Besides all of the government activity, the museums and monuments are fabulous.  This city is a must-see for any American or any citizen of the free world.

   Here is a historic picture of George Bush's (I) Presidential Inauguration Ceremony in 1989.   This picture was taken during the swearing-in process.   You can make out the podium, but you can't see who's on deck.   The Mall was packed.   The temperature that day was in the low forties.   It was quite exciting to be at this place in history.   While we couldn't see much, we could hear the ceremony over large loudspeakers.

     After the ceremony, the massive crowd dispersed and formed along Pennsylvania Avenue to watch the Inaugural Parade.   It was quite spectacular.   I saw the presidential and vice presidential limos drive by, but I only could see glimpses of the new President and Vice President.   Later in the parade, I saw Chuck Yeager, Bob Hope and somebody else famous.   I will have to find those pictures to find out who that was!


  The picture to the right is a close-up picture of President George Bush (I) attending the Veteran's Day Service at Arlington National Cemetery.   It was a very cool day on November 11th at 11 am.


     (I know I have more pictures of Washington, DC.  I just have to find where I packed them away.)

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