Arriving at Mount Vernon's front gate

Mount Vernon lies beyond the bowling green


Restoration in Progress


a process called rustication


The front of the house is under heavy repair.

The breezeways connect the house to the external rooms.  This breezeway connects the house to the kitchen.

Looking past the circular drive and bowling green towards the front gate.

Driveway lighting
Interesting weights to hold the chain steady.
View across the circular driveway towards the house.
The "Necessary" or what I would call a fancy outhouse sits next to the garden.  The waste was used to fertilize gardens.
Was going to the Necessary a group function or maybe you just pick a toilet you like?
Paint Cellar

The smokehouse was another building near the main house.

Meats were smoked and cured here.

This place must have been really smokey.  They hung meat in the rafters as well.

Looking out the back of the house towards the Potomac River.

The back side of the house that faces the Potomac River.

Another view looking toward the house
Beyond the gate lies the Potomac River

Here is a close-up of the wooden columns that support the roof on the back deck.  The rustication process gives it the look of stone.



Another example of making wood look like carved rock.


The horses were used mainly for farming, but were also used for transportation.

Carriage house and stables

This nice walkway lead down to the burial vaults and pier.

The original vault was used for George and Martha Washington.  They were later moved to join the rest of the family in the larger vault.

This is not the original pier, but it was built more than 100 years ago.

Looking from the pier, you can see the property from the water.

Looking towards Fort Washington

Fort Washington.

Built to protect Washington, D.C. during the Civil War but it never needed to be used.

A view of Mount Vernon from the Potomac River

The Spirit of Mount Vernon gave us a nice ride down the Potomac to see Fort Washington and to see Mount Vernon from the water.

George Washington's property was originally 8,000 acres.

The Washington family vault. 

George Washington rests at the right while Martha rests on the left.  The remainder of the family rests behind the black vault door.

Now leaving Mount Vernon



  Mount Vernon  

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Mount Vernon




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