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       I am gathering information on the Summerlin family tree.

     If you have any information that would help me with my research, or would like to say hello,  please feel free to send a message to me.  (My address can be found at the bottom of this page.)

     So far, I have found these bits of information ...

1.   Howard Hughes' grandmother's name was Jean Amelia Summerlin.
2.   Augustus Spain Summerlin died defending the Alamo on March 6th, 1836.
3.   There is a community 20 miles NW of Las Vegas called Summerlin
4.   My immediate branch of Summerlins lived on the Summerlin Honeydew Ranch in Ft.Pierce, Florida.
5.   Jacob Summerlin was reputed to have been the first recorded child born in Florida after the state was acquired from Spain. 
6.   Bartow was the site of the first brick school house south of Jacksonville, Florida.  The Summerlin Institute was named after its benefactor, Jacob Summerlin, opened in 1887.
7.   Jacob Summerlin developed the area that is today known as Orlando, Florida.  His sons were responsible for naming Lake Eola.
8.   Jacob Summerlin, the owner of the Summerlin Hotel in Orlando, offered to lend $10,000 for the construction of a new courthouse provided it was built in Orlando, and so it was.  It was completed in 1876.
9.   Jacob Summerlin was known as the "King of the Cracker Cow Hunters".
10.  My branch of the Summerlin Family Tree.
11.  Some records show that Sir Gaultier de Somerville is a progenitor of the Summerlin family.  He was born about 1030.  Tradition says that Sir Gaultier arrived with William the Conqueror in 1066 and was granted lands for his services during the Norman Conquest.
12.  I bought a book on Amazon about Jacob Summerlin.
13.  On July 10, 2007, the Edison and Ford Estates opened the Edison Caretaker's House to visitors for the first time.  The house, which got an extensive $3-million restoration, is the oldest building on the Edison Winter Estate and one of the oldest buildings in Fort Myers.  The Florida Cracker-style house was a stopover for Samuel Summerlin's cattle drovers down the old Wire Road, now named McGregor Boulevard.  Samuel Summerlin sold the current Edison Estate parcel to Edison in 1885.  Edison bought the "Old Summerlin Place" for $2,750.
14.  Most motorists in Lee County will travel Summerlin Road at least once a day en route to Edison Community College, Fort Myers Beach or points south.  The man for whom the road is named is Jacob Summerlin.


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