Here is my Dad standing in front of a barn on the Summerlin Honeydew Ranch.  My Dad mentioned that he used to play pool on a pool table in this barn.  He also remembers that everyone was very good at shooting pool.  He was 15 years old in this photo.  The photographer is unknown. 

     My Dad's name is Ronald Wayne Summerlin.  He was born in Ft. Pierce, Florida on July 10th, 1932.

Dad on the ranch
     Here is my Dad at 8 and a half months old.  (Taken March 26th, 1933)  8 1/2 months old
     Here is my Dad with his adoptive mother, my grandmother, on Tahiti Beach in Miami, Florida.  Her name was Grace Gertrude Dempsey Summerlin. Tahiti Beach
     Here is my Dad with Bert Summerlin, his adoptive dad. Dad and Bert in a boat
     Here is Dad with  (Thomas Dexter) Dixie Summerlin, his biological father. Dad with his father
      Here is Dixie (T.D.) Summerlin on a horse. Dixie Summerlin on a Horse
     Here is a picture of Bert Summerlin in a homemade swing in DeLand, Florida.  Dad remembers this swing being in DeLand. Bert on a Swing
     My grandmother (Dad's adoptive mom) in her car on May 6th, 1928.  She is accompanied by Aunt May, her sister.   This picture was taken in front of Mr. Beaty's school.  Mr. Beaty married Aunt MayMr. Beaty was a very intelligent man, who happened to be blind, but that didn't limit him.  Grandmother named this car, Ikibod. Grandmother and her car
     This is a picture of Bert Summerlin with his car. Bert and his car
     Not sure who this is.  This picture was taken sometime after the picture that showed my Dad in front of the barn on the Summerlin Honeydew ranch.

     (I wonder if this is the photographer that took my Dad's picture.  That could have been his shadow since this photo was next on the roll of film.)

ranch man
     Here is another picture taken on the Summerlin Honeydew Ranch.  This picture appears after the one above.  

     The girl on the horse may be Carol Ann Buell (Thanks goes out to Carol Ann Clifford).  Carol Ann's grandmother appears to be my great aunt, Lula Mae Summerlin

     The boy in the picture is Michael Summerlin.  Michael was born on Honey Dew Ranch in 1943.  Michael is the son of Edward (Ned) P. Summerlin and the grandson of Edward Clarence Summerlin.  Michael believes that the girl on horseback may be Sarah Crooks.  (Thanks goes out to Michael Summerlin.)

ranch girl
     The next picture on the roll shows three boys sitting on a horse at the Summerlin Honeydew Ranch.  

     Michael Summerlin says that he is the boy up front (left).  He believes the boys behind him are the adopted sons of Minalee DavisMinalee Davis was the daughter of Ed and Emma Davis.  Michael's Aunt Emma was one of Clarence's sisters.

     The horse's name was Buddy.  Michael's horse was named Vally, short for Valentine, as she was born on February 14th, 1950.  Buddy was her brother born in 1945.  The mother of both horses was named Beauty.

ranch kids
     The next picture on the roll is a picture of a woman and two men.  This was taken on the Summerlin Honeydew Ranch.  The man on the left has been identified as Clarence Summerlin (Thanks goes out to Lois Summerlin). 

     Michael Summerlin confims that Clarence Summerlin is standing next to two good family friends from Massapequa, Long Island, New York, Bob and Elsie Hassard.

ranch folks 1
     This picture was probably taken immediately after the one above it.

     It is believed that most of these photos were taken during the Summerlin Reunion of 1948.

ranch folks 2

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