In the Summer of 1985, I took a three-week driving vacation from east coast USA to west coast USA.   One of my stops along the way, was the Grand Canyon in Arizona.   It's more than just a hole in the ground!
     Here is a view of the Grand Canyon as you begin your hike down the Bright Angel Trail.   The scenery is quite spectacular as you begin the 7.6 mile trip to the bottom.   If you look very close, you can see the Colorado River.   The river marks the bottom of the Grand Canyon.


     The picture to the right is showing the view as you look across the Grand Canyon as you walk part of the way down.


     Here is a view of the Grand Canyon, from the bottom looking up.   Cutting through the Grand Canyon, as it has for centuries, is the mighty Colorado River.   The river is cold, deep and very powerful.   After walking the 7.6 miles to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, I soaked my feet in the cold river.   Ahhh that felt good.   Now how am I going to get back up?

       I made it back to the top six hours later.   Gravity made the return trip much more difficult.   It only took me four hours to make it to the bottom.


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