The seven-mile-wide isthmus that links the two volcanoes is credited with giving Maui the nickname, The Valley Isle.
This is the view looking out of my hotel room on Lahaina, Maui.  Beyond the trees is the ocean.  Unfortunately, it was a bit too bright to see, but it was beautiful.

The view directly behind my room was very relaxing.  The resort was large and had cottages and walking areas.  Also below is a gazebo.

My first excursion on Maui was to as far as I could drive on the northeast coast.  The coastline mountain scenery was very beautiful and relaxing.

The drive was spectacular.  It was fun to stop and look over the side of the cliff.  At the bottom of this cliff, you can make out people swimming in pools of trapped water.

Another beautiful view of the mountainous coastline.

Another spectacular view from very high up.
Here is a view of a popular swimming area on the northeast coast of Maui.
The winding roads were fun to drive.  Not only were the twists and turns fun, so were the ups and downs.
At the end of my first day in Maui, I decided to check out the beach.  This is a view looking north on the west side of Maui.

The water was refreshing.  It felt good to dive right in since the weather was so warm and humid.  The water was a lot clearer here than on Oahu.  This is a view looking south.
The next day, I fueled up for the big road trip to Hana and the Seven Pools.  Gas prices in the islands are considerably more than back home.  A gallon of gas costs $2.25 a gallon on Maui.

The road to Hana is incredible.  The road is approximately 70 miles of twist and turns and ups and downs.  It also has a high count of one-way bridges and passageways.  It was definitely a challenge and experience to drive.  Also, the scenery was spectacular.
Here is a view of the road behind.  The twists and turns cut into the mountainside.
Here is a view of Hana.  This is a small town at the end of the incredibly twisted road.

Here is a peaceful view of Hana Beach.  The shade sure felt good on this hot day.

This is the view looking out from Hana into the Pacific Ocean.
A little ways past Hana is state park that contains the famous Seven Pools.  From the waterfall, there are seven pools that carry the water down to the ocean.  The fresh water mixes with the salt water.  In this area, you can find people diving off cliffs and swimming in the pools.
This pool of the Seven Pools seemed the most popular.  Not only was it easily accessible, it had a built in diving area.  The water was also considerably warmer than a pool up the stream.
Here is a view of the pool above Pool 3.  (At least that is my count.)  I heard Pool 1 is very cold.
Here is a view of Pool 3 looking toward the ocean.  The dive area is now to the right.
Here is a pool near the end of the stream that feeds into a couple more pools and then into the ocean.
Here is a view near the ocean looking into the Seven Pools and waterfall.
This is the view looking north where the Seven Pools stream into the ocean. 

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