The Henry Ford is a large indoor and outdoor history museum complex and a National Historic Landmark in the Metro Detroit suburb of Dearborn, Michigan, USA.

You definitely need more than a day to see all of the exhibits on the estate. I spent five to six hours there and still did not have enough time to see everything that was available. I did tour the Rouge Factory and saw a majority of the museum exhibits, but did not venture elsewhere. I also wish that I took along my better photo equipment and had a little more time to explore.

To sum up the museum in a few words, I would say that this a great place to see a massive collection of Americana.

One of the museum exhibits displayed some notable presidential limousines.

This was President Kennedy's Limo.





This was President Reagan's Limo.

This was President Eisenhower's limo

This was President Roosevelt's Limo (FDR).

This was President Roosevelt's Limo (TR).
Looking back.

I ventured through most of the museum and saw way too many things to photograph.  I captured a lot more items of interest in the video below.


  The Henry Ford Museum  

One video review is available


The Henry Ford Museum


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