In the Summer of 1985, I took a three-week driving vacation from east coast USA to west coast USA.   One of my stops along the way was San Antonio, Texas.
     Here is a picture showing the front of the Alamo.


     The picture to the right is a close-up view of the doors leading into the Alamo.


     Here is a view of San Antonio's Riverwalk.   The river, and the restaurant-lined walk, runs through downtown.   It is a pleasant walk.

    Here is another view of the Riverwalk with the Space Needle in the background.   In this picture, you can see a ferry boat.   From the top of the Space Needle, I took the following aerial shots of San Antonio.

    From this vantage point, you can trace the Riverwalk as it winds through San Antonio.   Also, in the upper right, you can make out the Alamo memorial and the Alamo itself.
     Here is another aerial view of San Antonio, Texas taken from the Space Needle.

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