In July of 2000, as part of my Mid-West trip, I visited the city of St. Louis.  My main reason for visiting was to see the Gateway Arch, the gateway to the west.
     The Gateway Arch in St. Louis rises 630 feet.  The stainless-steel arch has foundations that are sunk 60 feet into the ground and is built to withstand earthquakes and high winds. It sways up to one inch in a 20-mph wind and has the ability to sway up to 18 inches.  The base is as wide as its height is tall.

     To access the tram ride to the top of the arch, you need to enter below the arch's base.  The two trams ride up each side of the arch..

     The tram ride to the top was exciting.  Each car in the tram holds up to five people in a very tight space.  When sitting in the car, it feels like you are sitting in a dryer at the laundry mat.  The car is very small and round.  The doors to each car are no more than four feet high.

     The ride to the top of the arch was fun.  In order to arrive at the top at the proper angle, the cars would occasionally ratchet into position as it move up the side of the arch.

     To the right is a picture inside the top of the arch.  There are small windows on each side to look out.

     Here is a view of Downtown St. Louis looking down from inside the arch.

     This is the view looking directly west.

     To the left, or south, is a nice, high view of Busch Stadium in Downtown St. Louis.

     This is a view standing on the top of the arch looking down to the south tram.  The floor of the viewing area is also arched.

     Another wonder I found in St. Louis was White Castle.  Prior to this view, I hadn't seen a White Castle since I was under 10 years old.  I am not sure how many hamburgers I ate that day.

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